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We started as in-house video producers, found what works, and are empowering savvy marketers to replicate it.

The Lewis in Studio Lewis

Oh hey, it’s me Connor. Nice to meet you!

I’m your point of contact throughout the production process.

A lot of times, I’ll use the word “we” because I never work alone. I put a team together for each project from all of the lovely, talented faces you see throughout this page.

The video strategies come from my time helping to scale a software company from $10M → $100M ARR.

Started in-house at B2B SaaS

I started out my career building a video team at a tech company called The Predictive Index. It was quite the 5 year journey.

  • Building YouTube into a lead engine
  • Supporting product launches
  • Creating “Academy” style videos that increased product adoption
  • Producing well performing paid ads
  • But most importantly…

I figured out how to make videos that actually drive revenue in a B2B SaaS company. And I figured out how to create these videos with heart.

Connor Lewis directing
Studio Lewis Production in the works
Connor Lewis directing
Studio Lewis employee watching on
Studio Lewis employee watching on
Connor Lewis directing

Why am I betting it all on video?

Have you noticed? Marketing is undergoing a major transformation.

Especially the role of content.

  • Search & blogs are evolving with AI
  • Social networks, communities, and word-of-mouth are now dominant
  • Digital networking, business development, and sales are being scaled through content and social channels

It all revolves around trust.

Video creates trust. It lets your audience meet the human behind the brand. To be taught something. To feel something. And it has the highest ROI according to Hubspot.

It’s spreadable as hell, repurposable, and most importantly - sticky.

Think of it, you likely remember the last great video you saw over the last blog you read.

You send your friends reels, not blogs.

We’re in the era of video.

Companies that recognize this and act accordingly will see significant returns in the coming years. Serious winners will emerge. Others will be left saying to themselves, "I wish we did that."

Why choose me?

I know it’s cliche, but I didn’t start this business to get rich. I did it to tell stories that allow people to connect with tech in a more human way.

So I don’t do commoditized videos; I do heartfelt ones.

And what better purpose is there than connection :)

I also have a track record of success, having achieved results for brands like ZoomInfo, The Predictive Index, Immuta, and other certified Big Kahunas in the SaaS industry.

My expertise lies in the process: doing the proper research up front, valuing buyer engagement above all else, hiring top talent, and creating a distribution plan akin to a media company that always leaves your brand top of mind.

Connor Lewis directing
Studio Lewis Production in the works
Connor Lewis directing
Wow, you read all that? Well…

Thanks for getting to know me!

Think we’d make a good fit?