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Crafting buyer-focused, Netflix-like video series for B2B SaaS companies.

Welcome to Studio Lewis

Our mission is to craft the best video content in B2B marketing with consistency.

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Maximizing your brand impact

Marketing is undergoing a major transformation. Search is evolving with AI. Social networks, communities, and word-of-mouth are now dominant. Digital networking, business development, and sales are being scaled through content and social channels.

Video, especially high-quality video, now has the highest ROI according to Hubspot. We’re in an era where people need exposure to the brand & product, in every channel, many times before they’ll buy.

Why choose us?

We have a track record of success, having worked with renowned brands like ZoomInfo, The Predictive Index, Immuta, and other prominent players in the SaaS industry. Our expertise lies in our process: doing the proper research up front, valuing buyer engagement above all else, hiring top talent, and creating a distribution plan akin to a media company that always leaves your brand top of mind.

We don’t take being your showrunners for granted. Every series we make has to pass the “would we watch this on the weekend” AND the “did this series pay for itself” tests. Every video is also custom-made for the brand – no templates here.

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Connor Lewis directing
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Partner with Studio Lewis and we’ll create a captivating media plan that brings your business into the next era.

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