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We'll write and create world-class videos for your product without you having to lift a finger. One point of contact from pitch to screen.

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The Predictive Index
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The Predictive Index
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As you grow, your brand needs strategic video production

But it’s noisy out there. And you’re busy.

You don’t wanna be just another podcast.

Your team is already stretched too thin.

No, your graphics designer Sam cannot just “do video.”

Managing a freelancer will not give you the results you want.


In one month...

We get to know your market and create memorable videos

Let us walk you through it.

Our Process

Our battle-tested method for producing damn good videos.





Interview the needs of your audience AND internal stakeholders.


Create a distribution calendar.


Select from two video content proposals.


Write the scripts.


Produce the videos.


Edit the pillar videos.


Chop up the pillar videos.


Service all content channels.


Iterate on the learnings.

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Video Distribution Analytics

Don’t take our homepage’s word for it

Here’s what our validated reviews say.

Some of our favorite quotes

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"I love that Studio Lewis is an all-in-one shop. It allows us to move through projects quickly. They’re great scriptwriters and turn my concepts/ideas into amazing videos."

Karen Polcaro profile

Karen Polarco

VP of Marketing
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"They were on top of it from the beginning and had an excellent process throughout. They were very open to feedback too and the whole process felt more like a partnership to create the piece vs just work being completed."

Erin Balsa profile

Jay Desai

Co-Founder of SummarAIze

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"Their script-writing skills and creative eye are exceptional. Thanks to Studio Lewis' work, we had a successful product launch and continued to generate leads and awareness."

Lakia Elam profile

Laurel Hughes

Product Marketing Manager at MHFA

What makes us different?

We built a model that we find works better for the modern-day marketer.

Studio Lewis

Traditional Agencies


Transparent pricing

Quick turnaround

Start / stop anytime

Starts with research


Our portfolio speaks for itself

You'll be along for the ride

Our whole process is transparent. You can follow your video’s progress in your client dashboard.

In a B2B world full of sames, you have the chance to stand out. stand out

Let’s launch a winning video campaign